Frank Paints Dudes by Trent Warrick

My good friend Trent Warrick, a ridiculously talented videographer based in Dallas, asked if he could film one of my painting sessions. Trent suggested we utilize over-exposed natural lighting and intimate close-ups to best capture the session, and I trusted him to work his magic. The challenge was to create a video that portrayed the intimacy and innocence of a typical painting session, without being too “porny.”

Neither of us had met our subject, Hunter, but I found his southern accent and shyness immediately endearing. While Trent filmed the painting session, Hunter and I compared stories about growing up in the South, commiserated over shitty art school models, and bonded over our love of comic books.

We only had time for one 20-minute pose, but am thankful Trent was able to capture this beautiful moment! Make sure to check out his other work!

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